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While considering myself to be a Northern California native, I grew up in an Air Force family constantly moving across the country and overseas. From a young age I was drawn to textiles, fashion, design, art + music, all of which I pursued in varying hobbies throughout the years. And of course, hats were always part of my quirky and developing style.

After leaving a comfy corporate job and moving to Northern Kentucky in the Spring of 2017, my journey to find a career that captured my creative passions was sparked and pieces of the puzzle began to come into view. Those pieces eventually lead to what is now Taj Hat Company.

I like to describe my style as laid-back California casual with a dash of global flair. I like organic, understated beauty and detailing that invites a second glance. Each piece I make is handcrafted from start to finish and intended to be as timeless and distinctive as the wearer.

Everyone is a hat person, it’s all about finding the right hat for Y O U and wearing it with a little bit of confidence. 

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